Weddings, emotions and recording the beauty.

My daughter was married in January this year. They grow up way too fast. I miss my sweet little curly haired mischief maker. She's a grown woman now making her way in the world and I'm so very proud of her. Her wedding day was filled with love, laughter and a few happy tears. The tears started when her father began to sob just before he walked her down the aisle. His tears set her off and they were both a blubbering mess before they even appeared to the guests.

When I saw them both crying, of course I started and when I looked around at the guests many of them were too. Adam, the groom, couldn't look Erin in the eye because he didn't want to start crying. Avoiding her eyes might have worked as she walked down the aisle but after the ceremony when his family came to congratulate him his tears were running down his cheeks. As I said, they were happy tears and they set the mood for the entire wedding.

The day after the wedding I took quite a few photos of her wedding bouquet. It was looking a bit the worse for wear but I wanted to capture a few closeups of it because I thought that maybe one day I would paint it for her. That way she could keep it forever.

So here it is.....Erin's bouquet in watercolour. I hope she treasures it.

I have prints of the painting available on Etsy. I sell a lot of this painting on Redbubble so I decided to paint a different version of it. It's on my painting board at the moment.