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Chrysanthemum on board.jpg

My latest watercolour class has just been published on both Skillshare and on my online school. I take you step by step through a detailed watercolour Chrysanthemum painting.

This painting doesn’t need to go behind glass because I glued some watercolour paper to a cradled board. Then when I was finished it, I varnished it to protect it. I demonstrate this process in the class. I recommend this class for experienced painters.

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 1.09.33 PM.png

Pink Rose on deck Cover.jpg

I've just published a new watercolour class online. In this class I take you step by step through the painting of this beautiful pink rose. I provide you with the line drawing and the reference photo along with a photo of my completed painting. This rose is not too difficult to paint. All of the painting demonstration is in real time and I take it nice and slow, step by step, petal by petal so I think this class is great for those people who are new to painting in watercolour. I've published it on Skillshare and also on my online school for those who don't subscribe to Skillshare. 

Watercolor Succulent Cover.jpg

I can't believe it's half way through June already and I've only managed to publish one online class so far! I'm sorry gang, it's been a busy year for me. The good news is I'm back home and I'm busy in my studio editing my second class of the year. In this class, I demonstrate step by step how I painted this succulent in watercolour. If you want to improve your watercolour painting, this is a great class. I provide you with a line drawing and the reference photo of the succulent so there's no excuses! At the moment this class is published on Skillshare. I am in the process of also adding it to my online school. 


Exciting news!

Yesterday I hit the publish button on my online school! My first class has been published and I have new students enrolling! I opened the school because I had quite a few people contact me to tell me that they didn't want to sign up for subscriptions on other sites and they asked me if there was anywhere else I offered classes where they could pay for individual classes rather than pay subscription fees. So Louise De Masi's online school was born!

The subject for my first class in the school is this sweet little Sun Conure.

sun conure step by step.jpg

I photographed this little guy on my holiday to far north Queensland in June. I wrote a blog post about it. As always I offer the reference photo and the line drawing of the Sun Conure so you can paint along with me. I offer easy to follow instructions in 12 short videos that you can watch at your leisure. You have access to the class 24/7 forever. Students who enroll can also join my Facebook community group where they can pose questions and engage in conversations with other artists. I hope you will join me! 

Watercolor Giraffe Title Page.jpg

In my 5th Skillshare class I demonstrate how I painted this giraffe in watercolour. There are lots of watercolour hints and tips in this class. I also demonstrate how I combine two paintings in Photoshop. You can paint along with me because I have included the reference photo and a line drawing for you to download.



I hit the 'Publish' button on my 4th Skillshare class last night. 

In my 4th class I paint this little fox step by step in watercolour. I demonstrate how I make use of two techniques to add the element of texture to my watercolour paintings. 

If you are hesitant to paint fur in watercolor, fear no more! In this class I show you how easy it is!

I provide a line drawing of the fox so you can paint along with me.

The subject of my 3rd class on Skillshare is this sweet little Robin.

In this 58 minute class I paint this robin step by step. 

I demonstrate how I:

  • Stretch my paper

  • Load my brush

  • Lay in loose washes

  • work wet on wet

  • work wet on dry

  • add detail

  • Mix colours on the paper

  • Mix colours on the palette

  • Interpret a reference photo

My 2nd watercolour class on Skillshare has been published.

In this 81 minute class I guide you step by step through the painting of three different herbs in watercolor - Sage, Rosemary and French Sorrel. You will learn lots of different painting techniques. As an added bonus I demonstrate how I prepare my paintings in Photoshop ready to be printed.

cover for yellow rose skillshare.jpg

Learn to paint this beautiful yellow rose in watercolour when you enroll in my first tutorial on Skillshare. 

The 58 minute lesson is divided into 11 videos that you can watch at your leisure. 

I demonstrate:

  • How I transfer the drawing of the rose onto the watercolor paper.

  • How I load my brush.

  • How I mix colours.

  • How I lay in basic washes.

  • How I work wet on wet.

  • How I add detail.

  • How I correct mistakes and lots more.