Louise De Masi


Coffs Harbour - based Louise De Masi graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Primary Education. She taught in schools for five years before moving temporarily to Sydney with her husband. In Sydney, she turned her attention back to her art. She now focuses solely on her personal work. 

After painting with acrylic paint for many years she tried her hand at watercolour in 2011. This switch from acrylic paint to watercolour was a welcome change. Her watercolour paintings depict her love for animals and nature and she strives to convey her admiration for all things natural, in her work. 

In 2015 she co- authored a book published by Walter Foster 'The Art of Painting Sea Life in Watercolor.' 


Artist Statement:

 I am at peace around nature. I am also at peace in my studio when I have my paintbrushes and paints around me. Painting gets me up out of bed in the morning and it keeps me up late at night. It is my one true passion in life. How grateful I am to be able to spend my life doing what I love. My work is a reflection of all of the things I love. I am drawn to light and shadow and beautiful textures. I love colour, both soft and bold, and I pursue simplicity. All of which, I try to convey in my work.

I also have a shop on Etsy where I sell more of my work.

Art is a harmony parallel with nature.
— Paul Cezanne