Don't Worry. Be Happy.

Artists create for different reasons. Some want to make people aware of an important issue such as animal conservation or a social issue such as body image. Others make art to express their emotions or to make a statement of some kind. I have no special messages to convey when I paint. I paint because it makes me happy. Painting takes me away from any thoughts that might be troubling me. The process of painting makes me happy and the final product usually makes me happy. 


My paintings are displayed on social media and I receive lots of compliments that I am always grateful for. The other day I posted a short (badly made) video of a section of my daffodil painting under construction and somebody tagged somebody else in the comments section. The tagged person commented a day later and said, 'She is amazing. She makes me feel happy.' That one comment moved me to tears.

If my paintings can make someone happy, if they can help someone to remember a special memory or they can inspire someone to create something beautiful themselves then my job is done. Isn't that what we all want, to be happy?


Louise De Masi12 Comments